Here's another battery recharger that we think might come in useful. The Freeloader promises to power any handheld device anytime, providing up to 18 hours of backup power for an iPod.

Ingeniously, it can load up on solar power when you're outside, or can be charged conventionally through your computer's USB.

In addition to powering an iPod, it can also charge a mobile phone for 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours, and a PDA for 22 hours, although we're not sure how they got those times.

For those who want tech specs, the solar cells are rated 120mA, while the li-ion battery packs 1000mAh.

The solar panels, in good sunlight, can charge up the battery in as little as 5 hours or 3 hours using the USB.

For £30, it comes with eleven adaptors to charge various mobiles, the PSP, TomTom satnavs, digital cameras, and even radios.

Weight 185g, you'll have no difficulty carrying it with you when you travel - available from the Solar Technology website, follow the link below.