Most people are aware now that leaving appliances and electronic devices on standby wastes a great deal of energy.

Simply switching your TV off at the mains could save you money - research shows that the average household wastes about £37 a year by leaving around a dozen devices on standby.

This equates to about 10% of your total electricity bill.

Domia has created a device, the Bye Bye Standby, to make it easier to save money and energy by cutting the power to any appliance on standby.

Bye Bye Standby is a kit that contains three adaptors and a remote control. The adapters can be used on printers or TVs, anything frequently left on standby; then simply press the correct button on the remote to cut the power to the devices.

Research has shown that if a family used the Bye Bye Standby devices, they could save £38, which represents a money savings within the first year of use, as a kit costs £30.

And they'll be earth-friendly as well, helping to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Look out for Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kits at supermarkets, DIY outlets, and homewares stores soon.