SanDisk has been working hard with mobile phone manufacturers to develop the correct memory products for their myriad devices.

The company's major new launch is the 4GB microSD High Capacity, or SDHC card, which is currently being tested by major phone manufacturers. It's not expected to be available on the shelves until later this year.

Additionally, SanDisk has introduced a set of microSD Multi SD Kits, which combine a microSD card with a miniSD adapter and a standard SD adapter.

Users will be able to use whichever format they like without getting confused about which one fits into their phone or card reader.

For example, users can download large media files to the microSD card by using the standard SD adapter in a card reader; then the microSD can be slotted into a phone.

The kits will be available in March in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities.

In other SanDisk news, the company has introduced a JEDEC standard version of its iNAND embedded flash drive with capacity of up to 8GB.