Navman has announced pricing changes to its Freedom range of satnavs, with various bundles now offered.

The F20 is a no frills GPS device that includes dedicaed Parking and Petrol buttons to make driving stress-free, and that was initially available for £180, but is now offered for £150.

Added to the line is F20 Europe, which comes with maps of 21 Western European countries and speed camera details for 7 countries, all for £180.

The F30 has all the advantages of the F20 and adds a TMC traffic module offered subscription-free for £200.

The F40 comes with European mapping but adds Bluetooth functionality for hands-free calling. It works with all Bluetooth phones and can be paired with up to five at any one times. It's available for £230.

And finally, the F50 incorporates all of the above features for £250.