German satnav manufacturer Navigon has added a smaller version of its TS 7000T device to its lineup.

The 3100 series is designed for satnav novices, and has all the essentials you need for finding your way.

Measuring 11 x 8cm in size, the 3100 provides regional mapping, while the 3110 encompasses 37 European countries.

Its Lane Assistant supposedly helps you navigate through confusing locations with ease, while a database of speed cameras will help you avoid getting caught speeding.

Maps are displayed in either 2D or 3D on a 3.5-inch touchscreen, while realistic street and signpost display help you to compare your location with your view on the screen.

It delivers all the usual Points of Interest information, plus an Optimum Route calculator to minimise fuel consumer. An optional TMC module is also available.

The regional 3100 will be available for £180, while the 3110 will be on sale for £220 in April.