Designer Martin Frey has come up with an original way to show time on a wristwatch and make sure that you're never late to your appointments.

Dubbed "the thinking watch", the prototype is able to tap into Personal Area Networks and Bluetooth to communicate with the user's mobile to find out the user's location via GPS or GSM-tracking.

It then checks the location of your next appointment, calculates how long it will take you to get there, and displays it visually via a little walking man on the watch face.

This way the watch continually measures your progress and can advise you to speed up or slow down to get to your destination on time. It takes away all the worry of, "when's my next appointment", and "when do I have to leave".

Hopefully a watch designer will pick this up and turn it into a reality, but with all that connectivity, how will they find a battery powerful yet small enough to power it?