Like your Robosapien? like Spidey? like Homer from the Simpsons then you'll want WowWee's Spidersapien and Homersapien.

Launched at the Toy Fair in London the two new robots have taken on the personality of his favourite super hero, and doughnut beer guzzling family man.

The Spidersapien comes with all the original Robosapien features but with his new personality comes a host of new features including Spider-Man armour, a vocabulary of "Spider-Man" phrases and he pretends to shoot webs with "Web-shooter" noises.

Homersapien is being launched to coincide with the new Simpsons movie out in July. Homersapien just loves dressing up as Homer Simpson and mimicking his phrases such as "Doh".

He comes with sculpted Homer head as well as a unique Simpson’s accessory and packaging.

The launch of Spidersapien will coincide with the new Spiderman movie released in the spring.

No word on pricing in the UK as yet.

We will keep you posted.