US electronics firm Agere has come up with a new way of freeing your media from the confines of the PC hub.

The BluOnyx mobile content server gives you access to your data via USB and wireless connectivity, so that data can be shared between devices without the need for a PC.

Devices like mobiles and MP3 players can connect to the small portable server via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as USB cables and SD cards.

It comes in different models from 1GB to 40GB, and is controlled via your mobile phone, which displays its contents, although media files can also be viewed on a PC or TV.

Because information can be accessed wireless, you can create a “Digital Campfire” that lets you broadcast content to friends gathered around and authorised to access with their mobiles.

Cleverly, it also enables access to the Internet for mobile phones and PDAs that aren't broadband-enabled and can't access the Internet on their own.

The measure anywhere from 6mm to 15mm thick, feature a 12 hour battery life, and weigh a maximum of 140g.

The smallest of the devices is expected to retail for around $100, while the 40GB version will be offered from around $250.