A man in Australia is selling his life on eBay in order to film a documentary about himself and the winning bidder taking over his life.

Nicael Holt, who is computer illiterate and is therefore being helped by his friend Paul, is offering his name, phone number, all possessions, and his social life, and will teach the winning bidder his skills, which include surfing, fire twirling, and handstand.

The man also promises to take up a new identity to free up his prior identity to the winner bidder. He promises a 4 week training course that includes “6 Jokes”, “Training in becoming me (fashion, food, lifestyle, style of seduction, interests)”, “Piercings to the value of $180” and “Haircut like mine”.

Some things are not included, which included degrees, drivers' licence, passport, future inheritance, and formal/legal identity; Holt has also promised not to transfer any debts, but will let the winning bidder have $20 and a sixpack of beer that he's owed.

Currently, the bid stands at AUS$6132, with over 12 hours to go.