New startup airline Virgin America has revealed the secrets of its yet-unflown aircraft, and it's more gadget-friendly than any other airline so far.

Every seat has USB and Ethernet ports, as well as an electric plug supporting 110V, so you'll never run out of laptop battery again.

Each seatback, even in economy, has touchscreens at the back of every seat, so that you can watch live satellite TV, pay-per-view movies, or listen to MP3s and radio.

Other features of the Red System is the ability to chat with anyone in the plane; play open source games; send email and SMS messages to each other; and access Wi-Fi.

Of course, all of this high-tech spec is no good if the airline isn't allowed to fly, and US has so far rejected an application for an operating licence because the airline isn't “under the actual control of US citizens” - it has to be 75% owned by US citizens.

As the name implies, it's actually part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group.