There was a time when the approaching holiday in the mountains meant heading off to C&A and getting a lovely all-in-one dayglo suit. Luckily the 80s have passed, and C&A has retreated from UK shores (but still does a roaring European trade, as one might imagine).

But that left something of a void. There are plenty of outlets to get the latest ski and snowboard wear in the UK, but you'd be hard pressed to find as many options as offered by TK Maxx. Yes, you read that correctly.

The store has a reputation for offering bargains, but many people cannot be bothered to spend the time searching for that label of choice, so tends to be populated by adolescent yoof searching for the latest Ecko hoodie.

The skiwear, however, is a little different, because it is bulky, and therefore, easy to browse. There are offerings from a range of quality suppliers too at a fraction of the price you'd pay if you went to a specialist retailer.

So, top tip this winter - head over the website and find your local store and get yourself down to TK Maxx and grab yourself an easy to find bargain.