Men are twice as likely to swap partner for the latest "must-have" gadget a new survey has found.

In the survey conducted by GfK NOP, results revealed that one in eight men would consider swapping their partner for the latest "must-have" gadget.

Of the 1000 UK adults surveyed, twice as many men as women (13% v 6%) said they would swap their relationship for sought-after electrical goods such as the latest iPod, widescreen TV, home cinema system or fridge freezer.

Although wives/girlfriends may worry about their Christmas purchases, they can rest assured that most men wouldn’t choose a gadget over a partner.

The survey's findings also revealed a clear generational gap with 17% of 16-24-year-olds prepared to swap their partners, compared to only 2% of 55-64-year-olds and 3% of the over 65s.

The survey was conducted on behalf of price comparison service 60207.