There's a Russian fighter jet up for sale on eBay, but if you miss this one, that sellers got a couple more stashed away that he'll be glad to sell to you.

Arsik1950 who has sold one item on eBay, listed the MiG 21F aircraft at just over $20,000, and the winning bid at the moment is $26,600.

Not bad for an aeroplane, I hear you say, but this one doesn't fly any more. It's a one cabin “demilitarizated” fighter from the USSR that, in its heyday, could reach 1385mph.

The seller has clarified that the demilitarization of the plane means that all weapon systems have been removed, the ejector seat is gone, all military components, including radar, have been removed, and the aircraft is not airworthy.

Transport to get the plane to the winning bidder is expected to cost $5000, as the plane is in a hanger in the Czech Republic.