Cyclists looking to maximise their winter training months will be pleased to hear that VeloPress have released their latest book Base Building for Cyclists: A New Foundation for Endurance and Performance.

Cyclists often think that preparing for next season means piling on the miles, but long rides at high or even medium intensities too early in the season can actually do more harm than good. In a comprehensive guide to early-season training, elite USA Cycling coach Thomas Chapple explains why cyclists should slow down to speed up.

Base Building for Cyclists is the first book to focus exclusively on the all-too-often overlooked foundation period that can make or break a racing season. Focusing on weight lifting and low-intensity training in the early season, Chapple presents specific, goal-oriented training plans that maximize efficiency.

Base Building for Cyclists will help cyclists:

• Lose body weight and gain muscle mass
• Raise their fitness ceiling
• Improve continuously, year after year
• Rebuild their aerobic engines to burn fuel more efficiently
• And extend their speed and fitness

Base Building for Cyclists is available for just $18.95, and UK readers can secure the book at