iLuv has proudly brought all 59 of its products to CES, among them a number of new devices based on its BluePin technology that “enhances” standard Bluetooth connectivity.

BluePin-equipped iLuv audio products can “talk” with Bluetooth music players; it's a small dongle the size of a quarter and is removable so that you can upgrade your device as Bluetooth technology standards change.

iLuv has launched an alarm clock with video output for iPod with Video and Samsung Yepp T0 and K3. Called the i277, the alarm clock also comes with BluePin so you can stream music from other devices, or stream to headphones or other speakers; it also lets you play video stored on your iPod on to your TV.

The i199 All-in-One Multimedia Center, also BluePin enabled, plays music from your portable device, as well as from CDs and MP3 CDs, USB storage devices, or radio.

Additionally, the company has released a multimedia player, the i1155, to watch videos on your iPod on a bigger, 8.4-inch screen. It docks the iPod in the front, so that you see both the little screen and big screen. An AV and S-Video output lets you plug it into a TV screen.