Nikko Home Electronics is showing off what it calls is the "New Force in Home Electronics" at CES 2007 this year.

What could be so revolutionary? A remote controlled R2-D2 webcam and DVD projector of course.

The webcam, which will cost around $350 when it launches in March will feature a VGA camera with 2x optical zoom and is controlled via a Lightsaber remote control that plugs in to your PC.

The camera also features digital still and movie capabilities, wires functionality so your can drive it around your home and even remote access control via the internet.

The more impressive of the two, the R2-D2 DVD projector is 10 devices in one. The size of a small child, it's still in projection (we weren't allowed to photograph it) it will feature a 80-inch throw projector, a DVD player, an iPod docking station, Memory card and USB2 slots, built in speakers and have the ability to run around your home via the wireless remote.

Expected to be released also in March your new friendly robot from the Star Wars series will set you back $2500.

No word however from the makers whether or not you'll be able to replay Princess Leia's "Help me O-B-Wan" scene from Star Wars however.