Gadgets actually facilitate people's tendency to tell lies, a new survey has shown.

UK Pollsters 72 Point interviewed around 1500 about their fibbing habits, and discovered that gadgets make it easier for people to tell lies.

Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said gadgets made it easier to fib, while a little more than half said using gadgets made them feel less guilty than if they told the same lie face to face.

People lie both about work and at work, as well as to friends and family. Nearly 70% said they'd lied at work, with just over 40% pulling a sickie when they weren't really ill.

And nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they'd finished a task even though they hadn't.

Just over 40% lied to their family or partner, with the majority have lied about buying new clothes (37%). Thirty-five per cent said they'd lied about how good someone looked or how much they had eaten.