The beginning of summer, May and June, inaugurated a number of lawsuits and the UK finally got to nibble on the LG Chocolate phone.

Motorola upped the bling factor on its MOTORAZR by teaming up with golden boys Dolce and Gabbana, while Sony Ericsson introduced its latest Walkman mobile, the 3G W850i slider.

Sony, meanwhile, promised to make Blu-ray big in Europe, Japan and the US on 17 November at the worldwide launch of the PS3, while Toshiba, streaks ahead with its HD DVD technology, unveiled a brick of a machine that turned out to be an HD DVD recorder - only Japan got a look in.

June also saw the introduction of the first wireless portable music device, the MusicGremlin, which unfortunately didn’t have the marketing power that the Zune did when it debuted later in the year.

Online, the biggest news turned out to be that Yahoo and eBay joined forces to take on Google and Microsoft, announcing a partnership, but not a merger.