The single biggest product story for July and August has to have been Microsoft's confirmation of its iPod killer, the Zune.

Zune has been in the headlines ever since, with its widely-touted wifi capability and unusual styling receiving mixed reviews.

High definition formats received yet another setback after Toshiba announced it was delaying the release of its HD DVD recorder, while in the mobile phone industry, the only major new products to be released were Motorola's trio, MOTOKRZR, OORIZR, and MOTORAZR maxx.

Sony whipped out the mylo wireless communicator, most aimed at the younger market; with its Wi-Fi and instant messenger capabilities, it was predicted to be popular on college campuses in the US.

The end of summer usually heralds the most spectacular of camera product releases in time for the autumn, and this year did not disappoint, with the release of Canon's 400D, the successor to the wildly popular 350D, and Samsung's unexpectedly stylish new range of NV compact cameras.

Apple's major new product was the Mac Pro, introduced at the WWDC, and promising up to 5 million configurations.