Meanwhile, in order to improve broadband speeds in the UK, BT promised to upgrade its exchanges to 8Mbps speeds, while the Carphone Warehouse started making promises about its broadband internet package, promising it would cut bills by 60%.

Online, Google once again hit the headlines as it gobbled up web startup Writely and launched its Calendar site, both of which bring the company to its goal of making collaboration easier.

Google competitor Yahoo overhauled its Mail application and launched it in beta, incorporating features like drag and drop functionality, and an RSS reader.

The home entertainment sector saw the first HD broadcasts in the UK in March, thanks to Telewest, and not Sky HD.

The BBC and ITV launched their trial that allows users to stream TV directly on to their PC via the Internet in an IPTV test, and Apple iTunes listed its first feature movie, a made-for-TV film called High School Musical.

Sony news once again was not good, as the Hollywood Reporter claimed that the company’s UMD format designed for PSP was not popular, and both 20th Century Fox and Buena Vista were slashing release schedules.