In the mobile phone world, Sony Ericsson launched the 4GB W950i on Valentine’s Day; it was widely regarded at its launch to be a threat to the iPod nano for its music-playing ability. Shortly thereafter the company also launched its Cybershot camera phones, the K800 and the K790. Orange launched an own-brand smartphone, the SPV M600, in conjunction with HTC. It features Push email, which at the time was a new concept.

At the beginning of the year, IPTV was a new concept for most people, and the announcement of Sky by broadband was big news. Mobile TV has been gradually introduced over the past year, and Virgin Mobile, which is still the leader in the mobile TV on 3G devices, announced that it would be the first to offer live digital mobile TV using BT Movio technology.

Google also hit the headlines, as it does every week, not just every month, by launching the full version, after 4 years in beta, of its ever-popular News service. The company also lost a court case at the end of February that alleged it breached copyright laws by publishing thumbnail images from those hosted by adult website Perfect 10.