Parents are getting confused by the gadgets on their childrens' Christmas wish list, and don't understand what many of the gadgets are.

A survey of 1500 people reveals what percentage of respondents understand what the top ten most baffling Christmas gifts are.

Heelys, trainers with wheel embedded in the sole, are the most misunderstood item, with only 22% of respondents knowing what they are.

PVRs, or personal video recorders, are also misunderstood, with only 24% of respondents recognising them.

Only a quarter could identify that Geomags are magnetic building blocks, but Bop It Extreme seems to have done its marketing work well, as 40% knew that this is a handheld game.

The most recognised item was HDTV, with 82% understand what it is. The PS3 also seems to have made its way into the national adult consciousness, with nearly 80% of respondents knowing that it's a yet-to-be releases games console from Sony.