Navman has put together a special collection of its NavPix images to help you with your Christmas shopping in London.

NavPix software allows you to upload images tagged with location information to your Navman satnav so that you can view the location you're looking for and find it with voice directions.

Navman's Christmas Shopping in London album contains ten locations around the city where you can find quirky gifts; the company has focused on boutique-type stores rather than the easily-found high street shops.

Included in the guide is WWW, or worldly, wicked and wise, which stocks gifts for the whole family, and Prophet, a jewellery that sells unique and modern pieces.

Also on the list are two children's stores, Route 73 and Sylvanian Families, as well as Soi5, a candy shop described as “a miniature version of Wonka's chocolate factory,” and Maison Bertaux for savoury as well as sweet pastries and cakes.