As part of Selfridges Gold theme this year, the store is selling 24ct gold plated Chocolate Fountains.

The limited edition gadget costs £5000, and only four are being made available.

Emblazoned with the name of the manufacturers Giles & Posner, the fountains are cordless, re-chargeable, and work with just about any chocolate – but we're guess whoever forks out for a £5000 fountain is going to be able to afford some top-notch chocolate.

“Gold and chocolate works so well together, as two of the most precious and enjoyed gifts associated with Christmas”, said Justin Posner, the Director of Giles and Posner.

The gold fountain is based on the new Professional Cordless Chocolate fountain, which costs a slightly less eye-watering £229.95.

Also available from Giles and Posner are home tabletop fountains, which aren't quite catering sized, and are much more affordable. The Classic Table Fountain is cordless and rechargeable, and comes with 900g of chocolate for £60.