A new plan by Barclays means that you'll be able to combine your Oyster card with your credit card in a new contactless payment system in London.

The card, which is in development, will combine three into one: a traditional chip and pin card; a contactless payment card; and the Oyster card.

The contactless payment technology has been developed by Visa, and is distinct from the one used in the Oyster system.

Users will be able to wave the card at sensors to pay for small transactions under the value of £10, like coffee and newspapers.

The first Barclaycards to incorporate the technology will be available from mid-2007, following a trial that will launch in February.

The deal that Barclays has struck with the transport system that manages the Oyster card is quite a coup, as it gives the bank exclusive right for Oyster to be placed on Barclaycard Visa and Barclays Visa Connect cards for three years.