Sharp has launched three new electronic dictionaries designed for puzzle fans or bad spellers.

The PW-E260 adds French help to the mix of reference tools, so is ideal for expats who escape the British winter in France.

It includes the Oxford English Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus, the Oxford Hachette English-French Diction and French-English Dictionary, Geographical Dictionary, Crossword Dictionary, Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers, spellchecker and calculator, all in one device.

The PW-E300 is for eager puzzlers, and includes the Oxford Dictionary of English and Oxford Thesaurus of English, as well as a spellchecker, currency/metric converter, and calculator. It has a range of features including Filter Search, Phrase Search, Super Jump, Multi-Dictionary Search, Cross Reference, Quick View, and Zoom.

The top of the range PW-E500A has a clear, 8-line display, and includes: the Oxford Dictionary of English, Oxford Thesaurus of English, Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, Oxford Crossword Dictionary and Oxford Puzzle Solver.

The E260 and E300 are available for £50 and £70 respectively, while the E500A is on sale for £90.