For those of you still searching for a gift for that someone special, may we present: The Swiss Jewel Aroma Pen.

This pen, which retails for the rather high price of £30, combines a ballpoint with an essential oil roller ball applicator.

“It is a sleek, modern design in a choice of seven bold, beautiful colours that reflect the essential oil it carries.” These options include Dark Green and Eucalyptus, Red and Ginger, “known to energize, revive, awaken, and uplift”, and Pink and Rose, “known to lift the spirits and create feelings of love”.

We're not sure that that's what the pen will be creating should you buy one for your lady for Christmas.

The manufacturer claims, “It is so much more than a 'bauble' as its superior styling and dual purpose will stand the test of time”.

Designed to soothe you when you're stressed, you simply take the top off the top of the pen to gain access to the vial, where you can inhale the oil “or move the roller ball gently over your pulse points”.