Keyspan has launched an iPod accessory that isn't attached to a speaker, remarkably. The TuneView for iPod is a remote control that lets you browse your iPod on an LCD screen that replicates the look of the iPod's user interface.

TuneView consists of a two-way remote control, a universal iPod dock, USB power adaptor, audio and USB cables, and various dock inserts.

The idea is that the remote control will allow you to have easier control over your iPod when it's connected to a stereo, speakers, or the TV from anywhere in the house. The dock allows you to charge the device.

With USB connectivity, the TuneView Dock can also sync the iPod with your PC or Mac.

"TuneView features a color LCD screen that lets you remotely view the contents of your iPod and control playback - allowing you to manage the iPod as if it were in your hands”, said Keyspan president Mike Ridenhour.

Available now from Keyspan and other retailers for $179.