The craze of Flashmobbing showed it's reaching record-breaking levels with the gathering of over 3500 people at Paddington Station in London on Thursday.

Those involved gathered on the concourse of Paddington Station in London on Thursday evening, having received instructions on the Internet to bring iPods loaded with the clubbers' anthem "What You Do" by Biig Bass.

At 7.18pm they began dancing with as much abandon as they could muster.

"It was the most bizarre and surreal experience of my life", bemused commuter Danny Clifford told the BBC. "The clock hit 7.18pm and suddenly the place erupted. Everyone was plugged into their MP3 players so there was no music to be heard."

Flashmobbing in the UK has been slowly gathering pace over the last 3 years with events springing up out of nowhere normally in train stations.

Last year over a 100 people arranged a pillow fight outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.