Live TV feeds in cars may be closer than you think, according to Sirius Satellite Radio.

The company's CEO Mel Karmazin told reporters at the Reuters Media Summit in New York that he hopes to start striking deals with content providers for live TV in cars as soon as January.

This would mean that the service would be available in new automobile models by 2008.

Obviously, the benefits of live TV wouldn't be experienced by the driver, but rather by back-seat passengers who are likely to be younger viewers.

“We have three content deals that are very close to being finalised”, Karmazin revealed. “I don't know if they will be done by CES [in January], but that is what we're shooting for.”

This seems to be the closes Sirius has ever come to striking deals for live TV service in cars, a feature that it has been promised about since 2004.

Live TV service in cars will cost more than the $13 a month subscription, but further details were not given.