Technology is rapidly running away with us. We recently reported on the Rip Curl Third Eye – a simple way to film your exploits on the slopes.

O’Neill have taken things a step further with their H3 Campack. This has just about everything, not only is it a cool packpack for riding the hills, but it crams in a good deal of technology too.

First up is the video lens, which – like the Third Eye – is a micro lens that can easily be attached to your goggles for action shots. You simply place your (not supplied) video camera in the dedicated protective pocket and off you go. To get the most out of it you need a camera with an AV input and LANC connector.

The backpack also comes with a Bluetooth module, meaning you can link up your compatible mobile phone for handsfree calling on the move – perfect when sitting on long chairlifts. The backpack also includes iPod docking for those essential tracks, as seen across the H2 and H3 ranges.

All the gadgetry is controlled through the central module, meaning you get an integrated solution, rather than having separate solutions. Plus, there is somewhere to put your cucumber sandwiches. Superb.

A must have for the YouTube generation.