Gadget thieves, look out, there's a new gadget in town that just might outfox you.

Covert Asset Tracking Systems (C.A.T.S.eye) have just launched a little tracking device that can be fitted to small electronic items like laptop as well as large possessions like motor boats so that you can find out where they are at all times.

The unit, which is about the size of a box of matches, uses both GPS technology and GSM and Radio Frequency so that you can pinpoint the location of its host via the Internet.

The device is already being used within several UK police forces to track stolen items, and in one constabulary alone, it showed a 14% reduction on theft from vehicle-related crime in 1 month.

"The secret to the unit's success lies both within it's physical size and its tri-tech combination", explains C.A.T.S.eye's managing director, Lee Walkey.

"While most existing tracking systems use GPS and GSM to locate their positions, the C.A.T.S.eye unit uses a combination of 3 technologies to significantly improve the chances of recovery."

"For example, the C.A.T.S.eye prioritises its GPS data when it's available, but then it can also use its GSM and RF technologies to fall back upon when GPS is not available, ie when the asset is taken into a building or vehicle."

"This then enables police or security personnel to home in its signal from up to 500m away to make the recovery."

The device will be available early next year for around £250.