The highly advanced NuMetrex bra from Textronics, a pioneer in the development of electronic textile systems, features electronic sensing technology actually integrated right into the fabric, which picks up the heart's electrical pulse and radios it to a watch via a tiny transmitter in the bra. The bra will offer a new level of comfort and convenience for women wishing to monitor their heart rate while they exercise.

The NuMetrex sports bra promises to revolutionize athletic apparel, providing the traditional comfort and support of a sports bra with the added technological benefits of built-in accurate heart rate monitoring. The bra is designed to work with a transmitter that snaps directly into a special compartment in the bra, providing women with a new way to wear a heart rate monitor.

The way the system works is simple. The sensors in the fabric pick up the wearer’s heartbeat and relay it to the transmitter in the front of the bra. The transmitter captures the heart rate information and sends it to the heart rate monitoring watch, which displays it instantaneously. In addition, the transmitter can communicate with some fitness machines such as treadmills and elliptical trainers that have integrated monitoring devices.

“The NuMetrex heart sensing bra is the introductory garment in a collection of clothing we’re developing which integrates technology to monitor your body”, said Stacey Burr, Chief Executive of Textronics. “We plan to continue using our technology to create new garment styles and monitoring functionalities that enable health and well being.”

Active women will appreciate the convenience and comfort of the NuMetrex bra, which frees them from the constraints of the heart monitoring strap. Consumer wear testing was completed last Spring and showed an overwhelming preference for the comfort of the bra verses the incumbent strap, which tends to feel tight and binding and slips down during workouts. The bra comes in white, black and blue, and the heart rate transmitter is easily transferable between NuMetrex bras. The bra uses an advanced seamless construction for second skin comfort and is made with quick drying nylon and LYCRA® for superior performance.

The NuMetrex sports bra is considered so novel, a panel of sporting goods retailing executives selected it as one of five finalists in the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association's annual Sports Product of the Year competition. The final five were narrowed down from more than 100 entrants in various areas of the sporting goods industry.

The NuMetrex bra with transmitter and display watch retails for $115, or $145 for a system with an added calorie counter feature. The bra is also available on its own for a suggested retail price of $45. All items are available through the NuMetrex website. The bra is also available at Super Runner’s Shop in New York,, and The Running Room.