"Hello and welcome to the café Eighties, where it's always morning in America, even in the afternoo-noo-noon."

Fans of the cult Micheal J Fox movie Back to the Future, might be interested on getting their hands on the holographic multi-coloured hat as worn in part II of the trilogy.

Ok, we admit it might not be the actual hat, but it is pretty damn close. Miraj has a range of funky goods as seen on their site below. The BTTF cap cost $24.99 and they also do international orders.

All you need now is the Nike boots with massive tongues and power laces, and a red jacket that says the likes of "Size ajusting fit" when you press the button, or "Jacket drying ... Your jacket is now dry".

Oh, and remember to pull your pants pockets out because according to Doc Brown, "All kids of the future wear their pants inside out!".