Got one of those FM transmitters in your car? Well the good news is, is that from the 8 December you won't be breaking the law if you use one.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ESTI) and Ofcom has said that the use of personal FM Tranmission products will be legal in the UK from next month.

The news which has been welcomed by FM transmitter makers means that you'll be able to use devices like the Griffin iTrip and Belkin TuneBase FM to get songs from your MP3 player to your Car Stereo without the need for a tape deck.

Griffin Technology and its UK distributors have been campaigning to change the law allowing low power FM transmitters since February 2003. Since October 2004 MP Don Foster joined the cause.

Steve Hawkins, MD of AM Micro the distributor and original campaigner for the law change said "Both Ofcom and Don Foster MP have been tremendously supportive of the iTrip law change. It's a fact of life that the wheels of broadcasting law turn so slowly, but we are overjoyed that our efforts have finally borne fruit."