If you're a person that has embraced the hording of DVDs, CDs and books, chances are you've got such a collection that you can't remember what you got on the shelf and therefore what you no doubt lent out to your mates.

In steps the Flic Scanner Media Organizer a barcode reader for your media. Scan your items, return to your computer, plug in the scanner and watch the Collectorz.com software work for you.

The device works by allowing users to scan the barcode on your media, then using the built-in features of the software, retrieve cover art, title, track information, and more from Amazon and other trusted sources.

Better still the software actually allows you to check out items to your mates and track when you lent it to them and if you fancy pretending being the local library/video store then you can set it remind you after a set time.

You can even export your collection to your web space, track loaned items, share with friends, and download your database to your mobile device.

The system costs $199.95.

Via Gizmodo