Scientists Down Under have developed a T-shirt that lets you rock out with your air guitar and actually make music.

The “wearable instrument shirt” was invented by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, or CSIRO, to integrate mobile computing technology with non-traditional ways of inputting information into computers.

The t-shirt, which is made of special textiles, has sensors in the elbow areas and sleeves to detect arm movements, for example, when one arm bends to choose the chord and the other strums the strings.

The sensors then wirelessly transmit the information to a computer, where software picks out the notes in realtime.

Team leader and Research Engineer Dr Richard Helmer said, “It’s an easy-to-use, virtual instrument that allows real-time music making, even by players without significant music or computing skills".

“It allows you to jump around and the sound generated is just like an original MP3.”

The technology is also being used for textiles that can interpret air tambourine playing.

CSIRO has also worked on medical solutions like garments to prevent thin skin from tearing for elderly people, and a smart knee brace that advises the wearer on how to move so as not to injure the knee.