Yahoo teamed up with networking hardware specialists Linksys to develop a cordless phone with Yahoo Messenger features.

The Linksys Dual-Mode Cordless Phone for Yahoo Messenger with Voice (CIT310) lets you make VoIP calls with your Yahoo Messenger with Voice account, as well as place and receive tradition landline calls.

People who subscribe to Yahoo Phone Out can use the cordless phone to make calls to landlines or mobiles at low rates; it also gives you the convenience of having all your Yahoo Messenger contacts in your phone.

The USB base station gives you the freedom to take your calls away from the PC in other rooms, supports up to six additional DECT based phones, and has a headphone jack for connecting to a headset. A dedicated button on the phone lets you switch from VoIP to landline calling easily.

The CIT310 also features Yahoo Search functions so that you can look up restaurants and call with one click, and check the weather in your area.

When you buy the phone for around $100, you also get 100 free Yahoo Phone Out minutes to a landline or mobile phone.