Post-exercise ice baths have been receiving something of a renaissance recently, with the likes of Marathon World Record holder Paula Radcliffe and Olympic silver medallist boxer Amir Khan both expressing their use of ice baths in training.

The theory goes that immersion in cold water reduces the damage caused by over-worked muscles, thereby aiding faster recovery. Ice is also commonly used locally in the treatment of sports injuries along the same lines.

The problem can be finding somewhere to actually have the ice bath, if you don’t have a … bath … to hand. Amir Khan has been seen in a wheelie bin for example. Sportesse have a solution however, with the Portable Ice Bath.

Constructed from a tubular frame and a waterproof lining, the bath will pack up into the convenient travel bag which can easily be transported in the team bus and assembled where ever you need it, for example at away fixtures or training camps in exotic destinations.

The Sportesse Portable Ice Bath has found a following with many professional teams, including the England Rugby Team and Manchester United to name a couple, and sports organisations such as the FA and UK Athletics.

The baths are available in two different sizes individual or team, costing £350 or £400 respectively (plus VAT and delivery).

Ice is not included.