Advanced MP3 Players has announced the arrival of what they call the smallest combined DAB radio and MP3 player in the world. The iAudio D1 from Cowon Systems weighs just 60g and measures 76.1 x 35.6 x 19mm.

The 4GB player plays MPEG4 video on its tiny 1.3-inch OLED colour screen, and features a reported 30-hour battery life.

It also incorporates a digital audio recorder for both voice recording and recording from another device via line-in, and supports photo viewing.

DAB radio features include recording from the broadcasts and time shifting for pausing or rewinding live broadcasts. The bundled jetAudio VX software allows easy conversion of video into the correct format.

Other features include a clock, alarm, timer recording, and brightness and contrast adjustment. The iAudio D1 is available for £155 from Advanced MP3 Players.