This week boasts a record of sorts for iPod cases. For the first time ever, we received notice about the launch of three different fluffy iPod cases. Enough's enough.

None of them are particularly striking, except for the name of one of them, which is the “Burning Love Pouch”. In truth, this paints a much more interesting picture of the cases than they actually are. They're available for £13.

MP3 Additions have also added the Fluffpod and the iDoll Leatherskin, which is an interesting concept whereby the makers apply faux fur to real leather in order to make them “probably the fluffiest iPod cases in the World”.

Oh dear.

This week we also saw the Inchworm shoe, which is designed for kids who's feet are growing faster than you can keep them in shoes. By pushing the button at the bottom of the shoe, you can expand them up to three shoe sizes.

And finally, something for the pig fanciers among you: pink piggy speakers. They put out 1.6W RMS per speaker, and run on AAA batteries. Get them for £14.95.