For those “who simply insist on having the best” and are control freaks comes the RoamCon system, “the last word in home automation”.

The system, which starts at £3000, gives you complete control of your home remotely, via the Internet, Wi-Fi, and your mobile. It lets you adjust the heating, lighting, smoke detection, and gate operation, as well as your home cinema.

At the heart of the system is a digital video recorder that lets you watch live footage or taped recordings of video and images taken around your home. Through your mobile device you can switch cameras, and if you spot an intruder, notify the police. If the system notices an unwanted intruder, it notifies you by text or email.

Clearly, this it not for any old Joe Bloggs: “You can use the system in your City flat to monitor your house in the Cotswolds and your apartment in the (sic) Antibes”.

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