Software companies are focusing more than ever on software for the ever-growing brigade of smartphone users. SportsDo and IntelliGolf are two examples of programmes designed to make keeping track of scores and stats easier using mobile devices.

SportsDo is a GPS sports tracking system that lets you record your sports stats and report them in realtime over the Internet via the SportsDo web portal. It lets you record your training for a marathon, cycling, or skiing, and keeps track of speed, distance, and other stats.

While skiing, for example, it can track how fast you're skiing and how far, keep track of your friends on the mountain, and record where you've skiied. It also give you realtime information on calories burned, the gradient, and pace.

At the moment it covers over 50 ski areas, and lets you name lifts to make it easier to find your friends on the mountain. The software costs £30, or £90 with a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Also available for the HP iPAQ 6915 Pocket PC is IntelliGolf Birdie Edition software for eager golfers. It keeps track of scoring, wagering, calculates handicaps, evaluates performance, and displays course maps.