Fancy something a bit different to your usual cuppa in the morning? You might want to try the Flavia Fusion drinks station, which can produce a choice of 30 different hot drinks.

The device works by using Flavia Filterpacks. You just pop in your choice of filterpack, close the door, and press the button.

Flavia's filterpacks include the Wellbeing range, which includes Blueberry Balance, Raspberry Spark, and Lemon calm, as well as Green Tea with Jasmine and more.

The filterpacks also include eight types of tea, including English breakfast, Earl Grey, and Royal Blend. Coffee is of course also included, with Rich Roast, Hazelnut, and Sumatra, amongst others, while “hot cocktails” include Chai Latte, Cappuccinos, or a Mars Latte.

You can pick up the drinks station from a variety of home stores for £80, which includes a starter pack of 20 Filterpacks. A pack of 100 filterpacks should cost around £20.