As Pocket-lint seems to have neglected to announce any iPod accessories this week, we’d like to bring you up to speed on some products recently arrived in the UK.

The first is the iFreq from Sonnet Technologies. Presumably brought over because of the news that Ofcom is set to allow FM transmitters in the UK, this device lets you stream music from your iPod to a radio. The iFreq is designed solely for in-car use, and will come with a universal cradle starting in November. It retails for £40 from

Also newly available in the UK are a hi-fi system, noise cancelling headphones and a docking speaker system from iRhythms.

iRhythms A-211 3-piece subwoofer and satellite iPod speaker system puts out 110W power total from its acoustically balanced chamber and bass-controlled, down-firing subwoofer. It comes with a remote control for £150.

The iRhythms A-303 iPod docking speaker system costs £100, is compatible with any iPod with dock connector, and produces 20W total power from it two-way stereo system. Both new iRhythms products are available from