Questions are being asked as to the suitability of McDonald's as a TOP sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With almost daily reports on the obesity problems facing the country, it is of little surprise that the organising committee is on the receiving end of some serious questions.

McDonald's was agreed as a sponsor some time ago and recent developments have seen them confirmed as, basically, being able to have McDonald's outlets around the Olympic sites, whilst other burger sellers won't.

Part of the problem here is the organiser's bid, which promised "consumption of local, seasonal and organic produce", an area in which the global burger chain fails on all levels. Suggestions have been made that McDonald's should be providing foods that fit into this ethos, rather than the normal collection of beef patties and "fries".

The problem really arises because the deal was made with the IOC, rather than the London wing of the organisers, so to a certain degree, hands are tied. There is also the need to ensure the supply of funding needed to host an international exhibition of sport.

The question of McDonald's involvement in the Olympic landscape is part of a wider debate on sports sponsorship, with companies like Coca-Cola and Budweiser having a long tradition of corporate sponsorship. The FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany was heavily sponsored by Budweiser, which was something of an own goal for the American beer company.