For every paranoid consumer, there is a high tech solution. High Tech Health claim to have the solution to all your DVT nightmares with the CB Mobile.

We’re all aware of the risks of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) – or economy class syndrome – and some of the precautions that can taken to minimise those risks, such as staying hydrated, and not staying in the same position for too long.

But now, there’s a gadget alternative if you want to avoid DVT.

The Circulation Booster Mobile (CB Mobile) is a revolutionary device proven
to increase blood flow by up to 50% in a healthy person, significantly reducing the risk of DVT, claim the company's results from their lab in Germany. For anyone who has to spend hours cooped up in a plane, car or coach, this "health pod" could potentially be a life-saver.

No bigger than a mobile phone, the CB Mobile can help prevent the formation
of blood clots, the cause of DVT which, in many cases, can lead to the potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. Designed to focus on the most vulnerable area of the body – the legs – the CB Mobile sends gentle electric impulses through the skin via conducting fibre socks. Nerve endings in the feet are stimulated by these pulses, which causes the muscles in the calf to contract, resulting in a pumping action that forces the blood in the deep veins of the calf towards the heart.

It is estimated that 8000–9000 British airline travellers develop DVT each year, with the condition claiming the lives of 500–1000 passengers. Much has been reported about the condition affecting airline travellers, but the truth is that people are at risk if they are immobile for long periods at a time.

You can see it for yourself at

. It will cost you £99, so if you'd rather save your cash, check out the friendly advice at the

British Airways