The good people at NeoFusion have come up with a device – a screen – called the iFusion, that turns allows a normal portable media player (PMP) to display 3D images and video.

The iFusion at the moment is planned for release for the iUbi, also made by Neofusion, but the company is also working on support for the Archos RV500, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, iRiver U10, and other devices.

The device supports all sorts of video and image files, and also makes sure that 2D content is perfect legible while the screen is on top of the normal display. It doesn’t turn 2D content into 3D, however; the website merely says that “there is a huge amount of 3D content available” on the Internet.

The iFusion accessory is expected to be available in late autumn in the US for less than $50, with a further rollout with support for other PMPs next Spring.