Some toys for the big children in your life this week, including two remote controlled vehicles.

The RC2 Ertl John Deere 9420 Radio Control Tractor is quite a large small vehicle, measuring 60cm long, and 33cm tall. Equipped with a 9.6 volt rechargeable battery, the tractor can go forwards and backwards in three speeds, and reproduces realistic engine sounds, horn, and reversing bleepers. It also has working headlights and cab lights.

You can pick one up for £150.

Also falling under a similar category is the Lego Tow Truck, “a mammoth heavy duty haulage machine with awesome pulling power”. It features a rear telescopic tower mechanism, a ratchet winch, front wheel steering, and a fully functioning engine. This one’s quite large as well, measuring 66cm in length. The Tow Truck costs £90.

In the “why oh why” category is the Griffin Disko case for iPod. It apparently senses your movements and responds by flashing moving coloured lights outlining the click wheel. This one’s not for retiring types. It costs £20.

For those of you who prefer cute and fuzzy, we bring you the £20 Genius Web Cam. Sold to aid Guide Dogs for the Blind, the fluffy stuffed toy conceals a web camera and microphone in its nose, and a USB cable in its dungarees.

Also cute and fuzzy is the £25 USB Hamster Wheel. Once plugged into your PC, the wheel spins faster the swifter you type, making the little hamster run faster. Get it from

And finally, the weird medical gadget of the week is the Gravity Inversion Boots from They basically let you hang upside down to a “secure bar” to conteract the pull of gravity and stretch your muscles for you. Never fear, they come with a built-in safety lever. Should you need a pair of these, they’re available from


for £40.