Primus – the camping stove innovator – has produced a four-strong range of head torches which hit the high street this season: all are supplied with a light bag for in-tent illumination. The top of the range, using Luxeon LEDs for more effective light emission, is the Primus Primelite Adventure (£50) which has innovative features such as five power levels, removable battery pack and low battery warning mechanism.

In-tent lighting: Those that have struggled to function well in a tent with the strong beam of a head torch for illumination can breathe a sigh of relief at the innovative light bag supplied with the Primus Primelite Adventure head lamp. Switch the lamp on and put it in the bag for comfortable in-tent lighting.

Removable battery pack: A removable battery case allows it to be worn under clothing, ideal for when batteries need protection against cold or for when you’re lying on your back. The battery case can also be hung from the lanyard supplied.

Batteries low – warning: The lamp’s red light flashes when battery power is low.

Other features include: impact resistance; waterproof to 1m; minimal energy consumption; red light so as not to impair night vision; two buttons – one on/off the other for functions – which can be easily manipulated with gloves on; a 75m range beam on the full 1W main beam setting; three AA batteries.

Other models in the range include the Primus Primelite Trekk (T) £40, Primus Primelite Daily Plus (DP) £25 and the Primus Primelite Daily (D) £20.